Saturday, 14 February 2009

Podcast No. 5 - The Podcast About Nothing

Recent activity has been pretty thin and few. I offer no apologies. We have lives away from the Internet. I know it's a struggle to consider that possibility. We shall not be tyrannised by technology. But despite this, we have recorded another Podcast. It's our fifth. Seems hard to believe someone hasn't stopped us. Of course Im biased, but this could well be our best, musically at least. I don't know how to measure the quality of our input, but I do love these songs. And anything that contains both Silver Jews and Talking Heads was always going to set my heart on fire.

In other news, I've just finished interviewing Bill Callahan (he of Smog) for a feature in Bearded magazine. When the magazine is published, I'll post the interview here. But really, you should buy the magazine. It's a beautiful thing to own.

And in further news beyond that, Favours for Sailors are slowly becoming the biggest band in the world. Even bigger than The Bravery and Pull Tiger Tail. But not as big as MGMT. That's impossible. But yeah, Zane Lowe and Steve Lamacq have been all over them this past week. It was euphoric. It was vindication. It's only the start.


1. PENS - "Networking"
2. Wale - "The Kramer"
3. Silver Jews  -"Trains Across The Sea"
4. Apollo Ghosts - "Dobermans"
5. Palace Music - "New Partner"
6. Talking Heads - "Uh Oh, Love Has Come To Town"
7. Kotki Dwa - "Nearly Go"

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BigGayNigel said...

I cannot stop listening to your podcast!

Even though you two are unbearable and cringe worthy! Well clearly you're not natural comedians or funny men! The music is just always so good and even if you do have to put up with the embarrassing moments of pretentiousness (notably one of you saying the best bit about The Kramer was the audiences reaction when they misinterpret his apology-odd yes. The best bit, no.)

Oh and by the way Seinfeld didn't have a tag-line, the whole 'show about nothing' was just Larry David's way of explaining the show's concept.

Kotki Dwa: My oh my. What fun! What young talent!
And everything else was so choice too, you clever pair.

So less talking random rubbish (at the risk of being too Ross Noble but *even less* funny) and more teaching the world what to listen to. Good boys.

Oh and also, Matt Horne was banging my house mate last week so I very much doubt he is in a relationship, certainly not a closed one.