Wednesday, 28 May 2008

So, an update.

ATP2 passed of without any horrible injuries. Still, the expected but nonetheless brilliant highlights included The Silver Jews, The National, Okkervil River and Sunset Rubdown. As ever, the whole ATP experience was enhanced by an introduction to a few wild cards. Namely, rum and ginger ale, Soft Focus and Werner Herzog's masterpiece Fitzcarraldo (via the equally brilliant Burden of Dreams)

The HEALTH records are in our grubby mitts. To celebrate I'll share this link with you. With Stephen off to complete his third weekend of festival madness at this years Primavera it was left to me to do a quick update and that's what I've done.

We'll back soon enough with some Honeytrap launch party news. And some more words.

Wednesday, 14 May 2008

Walking On, Walking On Broken Glass

Proving one half of the Tough Love moniker to be rather apt, I managed to survive a viscious broken bottle attack at ATP last Saturday  long enough to be able to provide a much needed update to this blog. Far from as dramatic as i've made this sound,  while playing football between the chalet lines, I somehow managed to step flat-footed and flesh-exposed straight on to the bottom of a inconveniently placed Grolsch bottle. And completely sober may i add. I blame my poor touch and a high proportion of unwanted jocks. Needless to say, I'm still alive and soon to be kicking again. Next time though, I'll wear shoes.

Fortunately, there's far more important things to talk about, namely the release of two more records on Tough Love. 

The first of these will be familiar to all those who have followed Tough Love from the start. William, having issued two 7"s through us in the last few years, have finally got round to recording their debut album, Self In Fiction, which is scheduled to be released on Monday 9th July. Picking my favourite release on the label is like deciding between children, but if pushed, I'd be happy to claim this our finest. They recall plenty of bands that I, and pretty much anyone else with ears and a brain, love (Van Pelt, Dinosaur Jr, Clap Your Hands Say Yeah, Sonic Youth circa 1991, early-period REM) but I don't think they actually sound like any one of them in particular. Perhaps that seems a little lazy in its description. Perhaps you're better making your own mind up. Either way, it's a fantastic record and the way Gavin tears at his guitar on the closing track is pure voltage written in sound. If there's a more feral, raw, energetic debut record released this year, do let me know. I'll want to buy it.

The second release is a rather unexpected 7" from Mirror! Mirror!, due out on Monday 9th June. I say unexpected, as we were approached by the band after the label originally scheduled to release it, On Dry Land had their money seized when the manufacturers they were using were closed-down as a result of DVD piracy issues. The drama. We were more than willing to take on the project, given song titles such as "Aladdins Rave" and, a personal favourite "My Brain Is Jassive". I've tried jassive on Scrabulous. Apparently, it's not a word. I wouldn't fancy telling the lead singer that. Pure torso and a tongue like Mark E. Smith. You can hear that same rapier wit on the single; all healthy-living tips and sex education. It's a public service broadcast as imagined by a drunk weightlifting idiot savant kitted out in Crass dogma. If that doesn't make you want to listen, you're an idiot sans savant.  Thanks must also go to Holy Roar Records, who've helped the band immensely with the digital side of the release. 

Both records are available to order from the product section of our site now:    

ATP Mk 2 is now emerging over the end-of-week hill and I'm not one to ignore its drunken siren call. If i return this time with a missing limb I'm bringing photographic evidence with me. A small scar just doesn't elicit the appropriate amount of sympathy.