Tuesday, 27 January 2009

Don't Go Home With Your Hard On 3

After taking a rest in January, we're back, like Paul Newman in The Colour of Money. Yeah, that good. "What you got in there?" "Doom" Well, not quite but something equally big and messy. So, here it is:

Tough Love presents...
Don't Go Home With Your Hard-On 3 @Old Blue Last, London

- messy and bratty and a little bit naughty too. Times New Viking with more references to penises and just a little less EQ, if you like. Can you get behind that?
Male Bonding
- "The sound of homosexual panic" but with more of a hangover and less bothered. Guest on the other side of a 7" released with PENS. Incestuous. Can you get behind that?
- like Crystal Castles if they didn't have black holes for eyes - i.e. with a SOUL! Just back from The Smell in LA. I can get behind that.

FREE entry
Art School Scum DJs
Born on the Floor DJs

Here's the Facebook event, if you're into to multiplatform, transmedia interconnections.

And finally, thank you to Laura Rayner for the incredible poster.

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