Thursday, 19 February 2009

Don't Go Home With Your Hard On 3 In Photos

These have taken a few days (erm, weeks!) to post, but thanks to all that came down and made it such an amazingly fun night. The dancing at the end to "Breed" was as exciting as it was unexpected. Wow, looks like Nirvana are still pretty popular. On top of all the funtimes, it also looks as if something even more positive may have come of the night (hint: it's to do with a future TLV release). Can't reveal details just yet, but we are up high on bat wings about. Yeah, that good.

Credit to Kristian for all the beautiful photos (they'll also be appearing in Vice soon, if not already!).

Urgh, Shoreditch


Phone Home

Male Bonding

There can never be enough male bonding

Most aptly monikered band to play the night yet?


They actually did not stop smiling. I wouldn't either.

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