Wednesday, 25 June 2008

The Road To Hell

Tonight/tomorrow morning, the Situationists make their national TV debut on Channel 4 at 12:05AM as part of the final few rounds of the Road to V competition. I'm still unclear as to how this process works, but having been selected from thousands of other applicants, Situationists along with 13 (I think) other bands are now being pitted against each other to see who deserves a slot at V Festival this year. Regardless of the outcome and I offer that caveat now to avoid accusations of bitterness when the results are announced, Situationists are far too good to deserve to play V. I'm too good to deserve to play V and I'm rubbish.

Apart from Glastonbury, it's pretty much the worst festival in the world. While there are far less mouldy haired drug casualties writhing in mud facing a non-existent stage ("hello, over here") at V than the aforementioned worst offender, it's still over-populated by Q magazine rocklite atroscities and a crowd of tourists living out of picnic hampers. The Situationists don't deserve that, but they do deserve to be heard by thousands of new people however sickening they may be and they deserve to be paid for it. Because even musicians need to eat.

If you can stomach the gauche idea of music as competition and if you can tolerate a panel of "experts" patronisingly qualifying what's good and what's not, it's worth watching tonight. In fact, it's worth watching regardless, because Situationists are law and the the whole premise is crime. When they rule over it, it'll be a victory for everything that isn't shit about music (i.e. the bit when it sounds good)

In other news, Tough Love is now officially moving to London on Saturday 20th July. We have a house and everything. What we don't have is enough money to pay for luxuries such as heating (fuck it, it's summer), water (fuck it, it's the British summer) and food. If you must, you can donate to the cause by buying some records. I have a suspicion that Apple are rich enough now...


Ryan Tough Love said...

Ha! I guess that's our VIP wristbands out of the window.

I guess we should point people in this direction

And whilst we're being uncool enough to ask people to vote, vote for William in this

Stephen said...

I like our imagined audience.