Saturday, 9 May 2009

Old friends, new records

For you avid Tough Love followers, both of you, you’ll be familiar with the names Calories and Youves. It would probably help if I said that Youves were up until not too long ago called Mirror! Mirror!. Well, dear reader, I mention both bands in a recommendation for you to purchase their latest releases.

Calories debut album Adventuring (Small Town America) has been on the Tough Love stereo continually since we received an advance copy a while back. I was intending to review the album but I realised that I’m not very good at that. And Tom, Pete and John would get all embarrassed by the gushing praise anyway. It’s a plain and simple recommendation to go buy it (from here) and catch them live on one of their many, many tour dates.

Similarly, those Nuneaton based rapscallions Youves have blown us away with Cardiovascular (Holy Roar). Building on the promise they showed with the release we put out, Cardiovascular is a 7-song call to arms of pulsating energy. With song titles like Fully Erect Serve and Protect, Bigorexic, Another Djemba Djemba and My High Horse is a Penny Farthing and THAT artwork you wont be disappointed. Buy it here or catch them at one of the venues listed on their myspace.

There’s no Don’t go Home this month because of ATP, ATP and ATP. We will be back on 14th June with Sunny Day Sets Fire, A Classic Education and The Empty Set. The July gig (25th) will mark our fourth birthday (we’re getting on a bit) and a very special line up is being put together and it’ll knock your moccasins off.

And one more thing, wtf, seriously wtf.

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