Tuesday, 15 July 2008

Tough Love is 3. All Dayer.

Saturday 26th July @ Taylor Johns House

As all things have a beginning, so they must have an end. For us, Saturday 26th July marks the end of 3 years of putting on gigs in Coventry before we defect to LDN where the streets are paved with gold and our pockets lined with the air of absent money. To go out in style, and continuing the tradition of marking our birthday, we've assembled the best line up we've ever put on. It's £5 in advance, with tickets available from www.thetinangel.co.uk or The Tin Angel itself if you want to purchase them in person, or £6 on the day. Doors open at 4:30PM and close at 2AM. Rather excitingly, we'll also have prints of the very first official Tough Love T-shirts, which will be strictly limited in number. The line up;

See you all very soon.

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