Friday, 11 July 2008

DJs Get Debts

Tonight, me and Liam, AKA Tough Love DJs, AKA Art School Scum will be DJing at the Rockfeedback night at Cross Kings in Kings Cross, London. We're travelling all the way from Coventry to grace them with our scratched CDRs and seamless mixes, Chiltern Railways style on a tight budget of Polish lager (the one with the Wildebeest on the front) and sweaty intentions. I'm surprised they asked us, frankly.

Shaming us by virtue of their possession of talent, or at least an ability to do something that's slightly more complex that pressing play and willing lasers to work, Eugene McGuinness, Post War Years, Gideon Conn and, rather amazingly, William are all playing live. I've heard a rumour it's all going to be filmed for Channel 4 for the Rockfeedback TV programme.

It's probably a little pointless posting this link so close to the actual event, but if you're interesting in joining the party (which you really should be) you can buy tickets from here. They're £7 and doors open at 8PM and close at 2AM.

Given that I move to London in under two weeks, this is pretty much my last night of fun before the impending financial apocalypse reigns destructively over me. Never have the words "guestlist" and "rider" been so alluring.

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