Wednesday, 16 September 2009

Male Bonding Single Launch In Pictures

As the post below indicates, Saturday was the day we officially celebrated the release of the Male Bonding/Eat Skull 7". I'd be lying if i said i was surprised by how many people turned up - i knew it would be busy. Below are some choice shots of the night, taken from a variety of disposable cameras we passed around and then some from Sean Carpenter of Disposable Youth - a good man.

This is what fun looks like in Dalston.

Ryan Tough Love looking like Ryan Tough Love.

Before it went a bit messy.


Matt Favours for Sailors in the middle of singing "It Wasn't Me" by Shaggy (not really).

Kevin Male Bonding and Wesley Let's Wrestle sharing a moment*

This crowd nearly broke sound, which would've sucked, but their intentions were pure.*

Male Bonding and Wesley. I have no idea what was happening here, as I couldn't see a thing*

This girl was intense.*

And she did not rest...

* All Sean's work - more here