Friday, 14 August 2009

William at New Slang

William played New Slang at McClusky's in Kingston last night. I went along.

It took me a long time to get there on the train. The guard tried to fine me as my travelcard didn't cover the journey. I managed to negotiate my way out of it because I'm very good at playing dumb.

I helped William load-in. The venue is massive. A cold sterile nightclub (when empty) with ostentatious furnishings. Banquet records who put on the night were lovely throughout. They had about 20 staff working and were always keen to help out.

They put on a lovely rider and were very apologetic for the initial poor turn out, which was unnecessary as the place soon filled up.

William played;

South of the Border

I think it was in that order. They were so good they made boys kiss each other in the front row. God knows what was happening in the back row.

The next band on were Hatcham Social who I had to miss so that I got home at a resonable hour for a school night. Which is a shame because they sounded like they'd be fun when they were soundchecking.

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