Tuesday, 13 January 2009

Podcast 4 - Ones to Watch 2009

BOOM! 2009, here it is. There it was more like. While we were sleeping in nursing battered bodies and "please-fuck-off-now" paunches the year started unannounced. Just as December pisses out end of year lists like a river of sunburned corpses, January is rife with predictions and theories. And somewhat less cynically, possibility. Anything can happen and probably wont, but that isn't going to stop the whining wannabe clairvoyants. And it wont stop us either.

With that in mind, here's Podcast No. 4 - these are assuming an uneasy regularity now. This time we're talking about, you know, bands worth taking note of in 2009. There's only six songs, but don't take that as a suggestion that the year will be defined by a paucity. We'd just rather listen to the sounds of our own voices then someone else's. It's called being an only child, OK? OK!

Be warned, there's more swearing in this one, particularly by Ryan and I adopt the catchphrase 'indie heat'; a terrifying notion. A terrible human being.


1. Danananaykroyd - Chrome Rainbow
2. Animal Collective vs Frankie Knuckles - Your Love My Girls
3. Situationists - Whiskey and Water (Aspirins Remix)
4. Fryars - Polystyrene
5. The Clean - Twist Top
6. Wavves - So Bored

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