Monday, 20 October 2008

Situationists - Onwards and Upwards EP

We've been really busy since, well, since the last update. Apart from the aforementioned distracting lights of the Friday and London variety, we've been working frantically sending out press packs, finalising artwork and updating all the relevant social media with news of the Situationists Onwards and Upwards EP. Seemingly neglecting this one until now.

The EP, since you ask, is a 4 track vinyl and CD combination building on the sterling freshman effort This City Holds Us All. It contains "This is a Show" - which has just been added to the A playlist on NME Radio - "A Cold Front", "Fireworks" and title track "Onwards and Upwards".

Astonishingly, encouraging early orders have accounted for almost half of the limited 500 pressing. We really do recommend going to and clicking on that alluring pre-order button. Doing so will generate a magic code giving you instant access to the songs in MP3 format. All you have to do then is sit by the door waiting for the postman.

Launch nights will be held in Sheffield and at our new London-based club night at the Old Blue Last. Details? Coming soon.

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