Thursday, 7 August 2008



Popular Workshop

This has taken far too long. I should have posted these weeks ago. But it's here now. The best of times for sure. I can hardly remember anything from the night other than a vague feeling of elation (thank you, alcohol) and time has helped zero in elucidating the memory. Thank you, then to Gary Keenan for documenting what my brain was too weak to recall. Some truly fantastic images. Despite said memory lapses, I also somewhat hazily remember Dananananykroyd surfing the stairs outside Taylor John's, the lead singer of Mirror! Mirror! eating 4(!) burgers, a step ladder, the HOTTEST room in the history of temperature, the worst turn-ups and the longest long boat, and "Aperture". Thank you to everyone that came. We're planning on starting something new in London, but where and when is yet to be decided. I've also posted a link to Danananananykroyd's video tour diary, which includes some special footage from the birthday party, including said stair surfing. I wish I was able to use this blog properly and arrange the photos in some sort of order after this message, but I cant as I'm stupid....I feel obsolete

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