Thursday, 28 August 2008

Orange Crush

There have been lots of amazing songs this year (I'm looking at you "Black and Gold","The Devil's Crayon", "Sleepyhead"), but I think Camille may well have usurped them all. Never did I think I would write these words and at the risk of sounding like Jools Holland on a 'cool hunt', but the beatboxing at the start is brilliant. I guess that makes me a little too much 1998, but I don't care. And regardless, there are even better parts, such as from about 3:12 onwards, when Camille starts offering out Mariah Carey, in typical ingenue mock diva style of course. That's the "Money Note" right there. That ridiculous "F Sharp 7" has got me all crushed out. French, intelligent, funny and cute; I better slow down before I make myself a hernia baby.


Keith said...

Good to see Patsy Palmer doing something useful these days. I definitely feel like I just saw her boobs. Also, unless music is different in France/wherever, F#7 is a chord not a note. Not to be an arse about it or anything.

Keith said...

This is Fletch, by the way, alias Keith Philander, apparently.

Stephen said...

Hence the inverted commas. It's what the slightly seedy voiceover intones near the end. I think the whole song is a pisstake of that diva warbling so loved by people like Mariah and Christina.

A little David Byrne at times too.